Rita Sandidge headshotRita Sandidge joined Capitol Rehab of Arlington in February 2020. She specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and Thai (Nuad Bo-rarn) massage.

Rita studied at Everest College in Virginia.



Staff Spotlight: Q&A With Rita Sandidge

        • Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

        I was born in Washington DC but I grew up in Rockville, Maryland

        • How did you end up going to your college/university/higher education alma mater?

        I was still an undergraduate in college when I decided that I wanted to go to massage therapy school. Initially I wanted to do massage therapy as a job while still in school but I fell in love with working as a massage therapist!

        • How did you meet your partner?

        I met my partner while we were both working in a massage clinic.

        • What aspect of your job do you find most challenging or rewarding?

        The most challenging part of my job is finding the balance between helping others and self care. at the same time it is also extremely rewarding being able to help other people with their muscular issues.

        • Which clients do you find most interesting?

        I definitely love variety in my clientele! The most interesting clients to me are clients working on goals for their body and working on areas that they find are impeding their journey.

        • Do you have any personal interests or hobbies?

        I have a daughter Natasha. I love crafting. With any free time I get, I enjoy making soaps and candles.

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