Your Movement is the Medicine: Patient-Centric Care From PT Miri Choe
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It’s been a tough year and only the fiercest have managed not only to survive but also to improve themselves through it. This includes our physical therapist Miri Choe, who attended a four-month training program as part of her continuing education in patient-centric care.
What is patient-centric care? It’s a principle of “hands-on” instruction that enables you, the patient, to self-assess your issues. Then our PTs design a plan of execution so you can stay safe and feel good. We’re talking about a fast-track approach that helps you bridge the gap between rehab and life after rehab; from going upstairs without pain to running and enjoying workouts.
The First Principles of Movement Mentorship Program that Miri attended started out in-person before COVID hit. It then quickly shifted to a weekly Zoom program. Participants barreled through a 12-module curriculum that included two-four hours of weekly programming tasks that challenged therapists to learn how to build “learn by doing” exercises. Private forums and a massive resource library gave Miri additional tools to better educate herself on critical thinking, communication skills, and building precision profiles for individualized care.

As a result, Miri learned new assessment techniques, risk management, and how to help patients jump from plateaus and setbacks to sustainable health and longevity. This is the big leap from pain to gain.

What does it mean for you? Miri and our amazing PTs can establish, practice, and share a systematic approach to healing through movement that is shown to get people better faster. In short, our team can teach you how to fix yourself through movement!
Have questions? Give our PTs a call at 703-527-5492. It’s the first step to feeling empowered to help yourself feel better more quickly.
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