At Capitol Rehab of Arlington, we have clients who have received massages for years and some who are completely new to it. If you are new to massage, do not fret! Here is a breakdown of what to expect during your first massage.


When you arrive at the office, our front desk will have a brief intake form for you to complete. We’ll talk about why you’re coming in for a massage and what you your goals are for the session. Are you having pain? Are you an athlete recovering from a surgery or want to improve your flexibility and range of motion? Do you need to relax?

I’ll show you the massage room and walk you through the massage process. I’ll leave the room so you may undress, get on the massage table, and get comfortable under the draping sheet and blanket. During the winter time, if you prefer, we can always heat up the table.

Most massage techniques are traditionally performed with the client unclothed; however, what you wear it is entirely up to you. Simply put: bottom undergarment can be left on or taken off. You will be properly draped throughout the massage.

Depending on the issues we’re planning to address, I may start the massage on your legs, feet, neck and shoulders, or maybe on your back. I use a light cream to allow your muscles to be massaged without causing excessive friction to the skin. I do not use oil because of the way that it can leave a residue on your clothes. If you prefer I do have scented essential oils, but I will never use them without your prior permission.


It’s great if you can let your body relax and sink into the table. If I need to move your arms or legs, etc, I’ll do the work! This takes practice.

It’s really important for you to tell me if any massage techniques causes a certain level of discomfort. A ‘good ache’ is okay if we’re working on a problem area, but you should never feel any sort of excruciating pain. It’s important that you tell me about that, so we can tailor the massage to be most effective without causing injury.

I’ll check in with you as we go, but please speak up if you become too warm or too cool, if you are not comfortable on the table, or need another pillow, or if you just hate the music! This is your session so help me help make this a pleasant experience for you. I always try my best, but I cannot read minds. We don’t have to talk, or you can chat me up. That’s also up to you.


You should expect to feel mellow and relaxed after your massage. If we addressed pain issues, you may immediately feel a reduction in pain, or it may take a day or two before you feel that relief. If you are ever very sore following a massage, please let me know so we can discuss the best course of action. I will make notes to adjust your next massage.

You also should drink lots of water. That’s true all the time, but a massage also gets the unhealthy toxins built up in your muscles to move, so you will want to flush out the toxins that have been released.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me what is on your mind.

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