Our Position on Vaccines: It’s Not What You Think
Baby getting a vaccination with mother holding her.

It seems the hot topic of the month is whether or not to vaccinate. When asked this question, I’m acutely aware of the reason people ask chiropractors this question.

There is the assumption that chiropractors, a profession built on holistic healing and not prescription drugs, would be opposed to certain medical interventions. And in fact, there are a good percentage of chiropractors who would tell you that they are completely opposed to idea of vaccinations.

At Capitol Rehab, we are not those chiropractors. Instead we like to follow the science. Certain diseases like polio, measles and mumps have essential been eradicated because of the application of immunizations. This is science and we are all better for it.

Get the vaccinations!

Now, I do take a different stand with the flu vaccination for two reasons:

  1. Of the 22 vaccinations the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest, 21 of them have seen total or near eradication in populations where the vaccination is administered. Unlike polio, measles and the mumps, the flu HAS NOT been eradicated as a result of vaccinations. In fact, the incidence of the flu hasn’t significantly been reduced either.
  2. In developed nations, the flu doesn’t have the mortality rate of the other diseases. Yes, the flu can kill people, but it is highly uncommon in people with strong immune systems.

Simple steps like hand washing and drinking lots of clean water, will significantly reduce the incidence of getting the flu.

My summary:

Absolutely get vaccinations, but if you decide to make an educated decision to not get the flu vaccination, keep in mind the following: Young children and the elderly are more at risk of the flu. Regardless of whether you decide to get the flu vaccination, you should practice the habits that will improve your immune system: exercise, rest, multivitamins, plenty of water and lots of sleep.

A personal side note: my family and I haven’t had the flu vaccination in 10 years and the last time we contracted the flu was the year we got the vaccination.

I’m routinely in contact with a large number of sick people and yet, I haven’t been affected.

With regard to the flu, the growing consensus is it’s less about the virus and more about the health of the host.

Stay informed and make an educated decision.

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