I want to wish everyone a great August! As we barrel toward the end of summer, I am happy to announce that Capitol Rehab of Arlington is introducing two new and exciting treatments to our physical therapy practice.

Our superstar physical therapist, Gina Hahn, and our newest addition, physical therapist Miri Choe, are now offering dry needling and cupping, expanding on their already extensive treatment options. Gina and Miri completed advanced certification courses that required more than 50 hours of training.

When asked to describe the differences between the two, Gina explained, “Dry needling is more for treating pain and activating or inhibiting a muscle depending on what is needed. Cupping is more for breaking up fascial (connective tissue) adhesions creating a deep stretch in the muscle resulting in improved range of motion.”

Both techniques are great additions to the offering of our physical therapy department.

In other August news, we’ve got one month left to really enjoy extra time and focus on getting pumped for the upcoming sports seasons. As we look ahead, I’m excited to announce a first of its kind, a new program offered by the inestimable Coach Joe Lee.

I’ve been working with Coach Joe Lee for a few years. Coach Lee is a two-time High School National Track Coach of the Year. He has coached The Bullis School in Potomac through seven high school national championships and three high school national records, and he has coached more than 100 high school All-Americans.

Coach Lee is now introducing a speed and explosiveness program for athletes ages 8 through college level. For the aspiring young athlete, speed and explosiveness are two physical traits that all successful athletes must possess.

The program is perfect for the non-track athlete, as well as the track athlete. In other words, any athlete who needs speed and explosiveness training (and that’s all of them) will benefit from this program.

Check out this video of athlete Emmi Mills working on one of the training exercises.

[easy-video video=”2″ column=”2″ gallery=”Explosiveness Training With Coach Lee”]

August marks the start of his program for non-track athletes. My own kids — soccer and basketball athletes — are beginning their work with him this month. If you are interested, feel free to reach our directly to Coach Lee via text. His number is 571-216-4542.  Click here to read more.