My Ankle Hurts…And I Don’t Know Why?

I guess I could call this “Volume 2: Dr. Booker Is Getting Old Like the Rest Of Us”, because several weeks back my ankle began hurting for absolutely no reason at all.  I wish I had a great story to tell! I wish I could tell you it happened running through the woods during an Tough Mudder.  I wish I could tell you I jumped out of a moving vehicle at 40mph and felt a slight “twinge” as a result. But unfortunately, my ankle just started hurting for no rhyme or reason…it just happened.

So with everything I know about ankle injuries, I did EXACTLY what my patients do when this happens to them….I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

  • I hoped it would go away
  • Then I wished it would just get better on its own
  • Then I thought I could just ignore it entirely
  • And then I saw my reflection visibly LIMPING down the street and I felt bad for the person in that reflection….until I realized IT WAS ME!

So then I did what many of our patients do…I begrudgingly asked one of the Doctors at Capitol Rehab, in this case Dr. Harris, if she could help me. She worked her magic, I felt better and then I did like many of our patients do…and I assumed I was good to go and didn’t plan on coming back.

That was 6 or more weeks ago and my ankle still hurts.
So I am imploring all of you…BE BETTER THAN DR BOOKER!  Don’t ignore what ails you..BETTER YET Take A Preventative Approach.

In the last Newsletter, I stressed the importance of Maintenance Chiropractic Care.  In this Newsletter I want to review the benefits of Regular Massage Therapy and the importance of a partnership with your Physical Therapist.

PHYSICAL THERAPY-most of us think of a Physical Therapist as the person we see when we are trying to recover from an injury or some body part that is hurting.  Of course our PT’s do this, but I want you to consider positioning your relationship with your Physical Therapist a little differently.  Establish a relationship now where you plan on getting periodic Functional Check Ups.  Remember, long BEFORE something starts hurting, something stops working.  

CONSIDER: A Functional Check With Our Physical Therapists 2-3 Times a Year. 

MASSAGE THERAPY-I should start by saying, like many of you, I’m a fan of what I call the “Ritz Carlton” Style of massage.  The soft music, the smell of sea salts, the relaxing feeling of life’s worries being worked away.  But I’m not talking about that style of massage!  I’m talking about real muscle work that drastically reduces and eliminates the scar tissue that remains in the body after months, or even years of life’s stresses.  

Let Me Share A Personal Story

When I first had James do a TRUE Sports Massage on me, I remember, after withstanding the abuse he put on me, I looked up at him and actually said “I don’t know if anyone is ever going to come back to see you after an experience like that!!”

But the next day…I FELT FANTASTIC and I truly understood how this style of massage actually works, and how it can be so beneficial. And people willingly line up to submit themselves to his abuse…because it makes them feel better!

When Rita did her massage on me I was READY!! I had survived James, so this should be a layup.  Well I wouldn’t exactly call it a layup, but her style of deep tissue work, although different than James, is still aggressive and highly effective.  I recently made deep tissue work a part of my MONTHLY ROUTINE and it has made a tremendous difference.

Consider Adding Deep Tissue Work To Your Monthly Or Quarterly Routine

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