A Farewell to Physical Therapist, Dr. Miri Choe

I can’t believe it has already been 4 years, but after 4 (very quick) years, our Physical Therapist Extraordinaire, Miri Choe is leaving us! As much as all of us are sad (none more than me), we are also excited for her and the future that lies ahead. Despite my bribes and numerous attempts to convince her otherwise, Miri is relocating to the Denver area to tackle new challenges and explore new things.

I like to call Miri my “Mad Scientist” with her quirky way, her methodical attention to detail and those darn Dry Needles that she threw at people. Miri will be impossible to replace and we at the Capitol Rehab family will miss her dearly.

We look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you soon. We invite you to leave Miri a few kind words below. The Capitol Rehab team will truly miss her.