And just like that, it’s 2019! This will be a very big year for all of our Friends of Capitol Rehab.  In 1964, when then-Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston, Clay famously exclaimed, “I Shook Up The World!” We at Capitol Rehab have plans to shake up the world!

But first, a story:

A friend was telling me a story about the 10-year-old daughter of a friend of his who loved soccer, but began complaining about knee pain.  Like any responsible parent trying to figure out how to treat youth injuries, his friend turned to the Internet for reliable research on reducing the child’s pain.  The answers he got were these:

— Listings for the local hospital

— Listings for the top orthopedic surgeons in the area

— Really helpful listings explaining when to take your child to the hospital or the orthopedic surgeon

A year later and after several periods of rest, anti-inflammatories, and an over-the-counter knee brace, the now 11-year-old child has officially retired from youth soccer.

We have to do better! And we can!


Unfortunately, many providers (including Capitol Rehab) have done a poor job of educating the public about how common, how predictable, and how preventable sports-related injuries in young people really are.

The solution to youth injuries is simple: We have to determine where the young person is in the rehab sequence and work through the sequence in the correct order to repair the problems for good!

What is the rehab sequence? Good you asked. It’s a process that enables you to correctly diagnose, treat, and PREVENT injuries through a combination of approaches that include focus on joints, muscles, and neurology! We’re introducing the program to all our patients this year, and it’s widely diverse for helping people in all walks of life — from youths to seniors — feel better forever!

As for young, active types, they present with unusual challenges but they also respond with unusual success.  The challenge for young people is that they play sports at a frequency and intensity similar to that of many college and even professional athletes.  Our kids play far more often and more intensely than most of their parents did back in the day. At the same time, their bodies haven’t developed to the point of being able to manage the loads and demands of today’s youth sports.

But if the underlying movement pattern or muscular weakness or dysfunctional joint is properly diagnosed and the rehab is addressed through a sequential approach that factors all the variables causing the problems, the young athlete bounces back at a surprisingly fast rate.

In 2019, we are going to shake up the world and educate parents, young athletes, coaches, trainers, and yes, even some doctors, to this new reality.  We are going to insist that young people flourish not flounder. And we’ve got lots to tell you about the Capitol Rehab Sequence for reduced pain, better performance, and faster recovery — all with the goal of a lifetime of better living.

Happy New Year! Let’s get started!