By Drs. Bill Booker, DC, and Denia Tapscott, MD

While we’re out of the office this week, we will be sending you the “Immunity Minute” — one IMMUNITY BOOSTING topic a day. Some of you may be familiar with these topics, some of you may find them novel. We hope that you incorporate as many of them into your life as you can.

When we get through this pandemic — and we will get through this — there will be some valuable lessons that we will continue to live by.

The first lesson is this: you can buy all the toilet paper you like, but if you really want to defend yourself as best you can from viruses, START NOW WITH BUILDING YOUR IMMUNITY!

Viruses are all around us all the time. The question will always be, why do some people get sick while others do not? The answer: Its not the viruses, its the hosts!

To be clear, there are no perfect solutions, and at this point, there isn’t a perfect cure, but the best thing you can do is to improve your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses with proper nutrition and nutritional supplements – like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc.

Today’s takeaway: Take your vitamins! If you do an online search today of many of the best vitamins, you may find they are on back order or have a long waiting period for delivery. This is because millions of people around the world are already ahead of the game and are ordering their supplements. Time to catch up!

Here are some vitamins and minerals to take every day starting NOW!


Last week, President Trump mentioned zinc as helpful against COVID-19. Many eyebrows raised as it sounded as if he was suggesting zinc is a cure for the virus. To be clear, it is not, however, the antiviral properties of zinc are well-studied and the studies conclude that these properties are extremely powerful. The Institute For Functional Medicine recommends 30-60 mg taken as a lozenge.


Doctors at Yale University Hospital have begun to notice a correlation between patients with the most severe COVID-19 symptoms and a Vitamin D deficiency. In addition to Vitamin D enhancing the immune response, it also reduces viral growth and can reduce upper respiratory infections. A good multivitamin may include around 100 IU, but for many of us, especially those with low Vitamin D levels, 5,000 IU is recommended.


Most of us are already familiar with Vitamin C in assisting us through cold season. Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of the immune system. High doses are required when our immune response is under attack. Vitamin C has been used in hospital intensive care units to help treat COVID-19. A good multivitamin will have around 125 mg of Vitamin C; 1-3 grams daily are recommended.

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