In this issue I want to cover a very serious topic I’ve covered before. The risk of sudden vascular accidents.  I know this isn’t typically a chiropractic topic, but since I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my brain 5 years ago…I have been passionate about sharing this vitally important information.

First, some key points:

**The Test Is Called A Hyper-coagulation Workup!**

    1. Blood clots are the LEADING cause of most sudden death involving heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms. 
    2. When you hear of someone suddenly dying, often in their sleep…think blood clots.
    3. Until very recently, the medical community didn’t have an accurate way to diagnose if a person is at risk for developing clots.
    4. Although there is a very detailed and involved blood test that can identify whether a person is at risk, most Health Insurances don’t cover the test.
  • But if you have a family history of stroke, heart attack or aneurism, you can request your doctor to order the test for you.  Having a family history…or even just saying you have a family history of vascular accidents is all the justification you need to have the test done.

**The Test Is Called A Hyper-coagulation Workup!**

Last week a patient shared with me that his wife, a very young and fit person, presented to the hospital with complaints of a headache.  The doctors did their exam and performed some tests and told her, she had suffered an aneurysm and frankly, they were surprised she was still alive.  

She had NO PREVIOUS MEDICAL history to suggest she was at risk, but these silent killers (and that’s exactly what they are), can involve the healthiest individual.  She was fortunate, but I want all of you to be informed!!!  

Since my incident 5 years ago, I’ve had my entire family tested and found out that the same rare trait that I have, is carried by my 18 year old son.  Fortunately for him, he should never have a problem because we are now able to stay in front of this

The hematologist I use is a Dr. Nelson Kalil, a Johns Hopkins doctor located in Rockville, MD.  I have already referred several people to him. I would highly recommend that you give him a call and schedule your screening.