As we prepare for the spring season and a lot more sunlight and outdoor activities, I wanted to take this  opportunity to (re)introduce you to Dr. Jared Hatch.

Many of you already know Dr. Hatch as a soft-spoken, family man who “probably” played basketball because he’s 6’6″. But I call Jared the “Clark Kent” of the practice because just when you think you may know him, you find out something surprising about him.

Here are some unexpected insights I have learned about Dr. Hatch:

• He ran a marathon, and trained for about 25 weeks without talking about it to many people.
• He spent two years in the Philippines doing incredible missionary work and gave an unbelievable level of sacrifice and commitment.
• He doesn’t mind dressing up for an occasion like Halloween, or for his wife Sarah’s ’80s-themed birthday party, in which he walked in dressed EXACTLY like Richard Simmons.

Dr. Hatch as fitness enthusiast Richard Simmons

The Hatches dressed as The Incredibles.

The Hatches dressed as The Incredibles.

Here are some other things most people don’t know about Dr. Hatch that I think they should:

• Jared is a Certified Provider through The Running Clinic. The Running Clinic is a worldwide reference in the prevention of running injuries. The Running Clinic uses the best practices to assess, treat, and prevent running-related injuries. Jared is one of a small handful of health care providers in this area with a background to correctly treat running injuries using the latest techniques and applying the most current research.

• Jared is a TPI, Level-1 Certified Medical Professional. The TPI Certification is designed to teach medical professionals an evidence-based pathway to increase a golfer’s performance through a biomechanical understanding of how the body functions through a golf swing. That’s right, Jared can help make you a better golfer.

• Jared has grown to become an avid runner, entering in local Turkey Trots and training for everything from 5ks to the marathon. The best part of this story is that as he learned to become a healthier runner, he also became a better and more passionate runner.

As the owner of Capitol Rehab, I can say that Jared has brought skill sets that have made our approach to patient care significantly better. His quiet demeanor is a nice counter balance to Dr. Beck and me, and his passion for what he does is reflected in his approach and outcomes with patient care.

If you run, play golf, or just want the chance to meet or get to know Dr. Hatch better, schedule a visit to come in and say hi.