Gina Hahn, DPT

Gina Hahn headshot

Physical Therapist Gina Hahn (née DeCaro)’s philosophy of patient treatment focuses on restoring functional movement patterns, including core strength, proper alignment, and posture. She often uses models or other visual aides to help patients understand their body and she is passionate about teamwork and education throughout the physical rehab journey.

Gina graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Elon University in 2010 and earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The George Washington University in 2015. In the year prior to joining Capitol Rehab of Arlington, she worked in outpatient rehab with both adults and youth, enhancing her manual therapy skills and maturing in her treatment approach.

Gina is originally from Severna Park, Md., but lives in Arlington with her husband. She stays in shape by cycling, walking her dog, and playing rec sports, and is passionate about music, sculpture, and painting.

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