Violent Attack Leaves Athlete and Friend of Capitol Rehab Hospitalized

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On December 14, 2021

UPDATE Dec. 14, 2021: Last week we shared with you the tragic news of Friend of Capitol Rehab and former Paul VI High School basketball star 23-year-old Corey Manigault, who was brutally attacked in Cyprus while out celebrating with his European League teammates after a win.

At the time, his mother and family were seeking financial support to help cover the unexpected cost of more than $140,000 to get Corey back home safely to the United States. We come to you today with an update:


With the help of your prayers and financial support, Corey’s family was able to successfully organize a medical flight for him to return back to the states. The following message was received from Corey’s mother:

On behalf of Capitol Rehab, THANK YOU! This was a very tragic situation and it is amazing how you were able to mobilize and quickly pull together. Capitol Rehab is a community, and above all, we are a family!

Corey Manigault in the hospital

Friend of Capitol Rehab and former basketball star at Paul VI High School 23-year-old Corey Manigault was brutally attacked Sunday morning in Cyprus, a Mediterranean island county.

Corey plays in the European Basketball League and was out celebrating with his teammates after a win when a brawl started. Corey was seriously injured and hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and hematoma. He is currently out of danger but on a respirator.

His family is trying to get him home but medical transport costs are about $140,000. His mother reached out to the American embassy and the U.S. State Department to see if there was any way to get financial support to help bring her son home, but she was unable to get much support.

This is a very tragic situation for anyone to endure, especially during the holidays. Capitol Rehab is a community and above all we are a family.

We are asking for your support and prayers for a speedy and safe recovery for Corey and his family. Family friends have started a Go Fund Me page if you’d like to contribute or get the word out to bring her only child back home.


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