CoolSculpting and Functional Medicine: Two New Programs for Optimal Wellness

Written by Dr. Bill Booker

On October 2, 2019

We already find ourselves in the fall of 2019. The years seem to be flying by, and as time ticks on, we are constantly reminded that despite what we may want to believe, we physically, and often times, emotionally, simply aren’t the people we used to be.

I shared a story a few weeks ago in which I got into my car to drive to Baltimore and when I got out, somehow I had sprained my ankle — the NON-DRIVING ANKLE!  Who does that?  More importantly, how does that even happen?

When I described this episode to some of my patients, several responded back with similarly mysterious personal stories:

“I went to bed feeling normal and I woke up with a shoulder injury.”

“I exercise and try to eat right, but I can’t seem to lose this ring around my midsection.”

“I meditate; I take vitamins; I try to get enough sleep, but I still feel fatigued.”

What is happening to us?  I could give the typical flippant answer: “You’re getting old,” but I think we deserve better than this.

Here is the inside scoop: there are several ways to improve our well-being, but as we grow older, It becomes harder to find the fix. This is not because there isn’t one, it’s because our needs become more personalized and specific, and generalized approaches — “eat right, exercise” — don’t provide as many of the benefits that we used to get from them.

Realizing that everyone is different, we are doing our part to make sure you get the specialized treatment you need to feel and look your best.

Feeling like you can’t lose the stubborn fat?  We have introduced CoolSculpting® to Capitol Rehab.  I tried the procedure before we offered it to you, and it truly is an amazing non-surgical approach to fat reduction with ZERO downtime. I urge you to learn more about it here. The reason that CoolSculpting is so effective is that it freezes away fat, but not just any old fat, but subcutaneous fat. Unlike visceral fat, which you can burn off with diet and exercise, subcutaneous fat sits right beneath the skin and is very resistant to diet and exercise.  Freezing the fat causes these targeted fat cells to shrivel up and die, and then they work their way out of your system. As your body releases the frozen fat cells, depending on your metabolism, you will notice peak results in 45-90 days.

If you are interested in trying this incredibly effective procedure for eliminating bulges in hard-to-fix places, call the office at 703-527-5492, and ask for a complimentary CoolSculpting consultation from our CoolSculpting specialist, Patricia (yes, OUR Patricia).

For those of us struggling with some of the other tough challenges like fatigue, brain fog, chronic illness, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal disturbances, or just an overall sense of feeling “off” or “not right,” Functional Medicine is now a regular feature of our practice, brought to you by Dr. Denia Tapscott.  

The Functional Medicine model is defined as “an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that addresses the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.” We call it the happy medium between naturopathic and traditional Western medicine. Simply put, we send Dr. Tapscott, a primary care physician who specializes in Functional Medicine, our patients with “weird stuff.”

In slightly longer terms, Functional Medicine reveals how your body reacts to different inputs, whether food, preservatives, medicine, environmental factors, or other stimuli, and Dr. Tapscott forms a personalized and easily adaptable program that enables you to remove adverse contributors that cause your issues and substitute them with alternatives that create optimal physiological conditions.

If you are curious about how Functional Medicine can improve your overall wellness, send Dr. Booker a text message at 703-989-6854 or send Dr. Beck a text message at 703-587-7972.

Our goal at Capitol Rehab is to create long-term, patient-centered health and wellness programs that bring you fantastic, feel-good results. CoolSculpting and Functional Medicine are our latest additions to this effort, the icing on the cake so to speak, and our way of providing personalized resources you can use to live your best life.


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