Spring Detox: ‘Interior Cleaning’ is a Challenge and a Necessity

Written by Dr. Bill Booker

On May 1, 2018

It feels like spring has finally arrived. With the calendar at May 1, the weather is temperamental.  Over the weekend, I was in Richmond, where it was 89 degrees. I drove two hours back to DC. It was a balmy 45. The fluctuations are a sure sign that it’s time for a spring detox.

Since we can’t control the weather (regardless of anyone saying otherwise), we should focus on things we can control, like our spring health plans. Many people start the spring with a house cleaning, well, a spring detox is a way to do some interior cleaning — ridding the body of the build-up of toxins that lead to its underperformance, and many times illness and disease.

You may have received email about Dr. Ed Beck’s upcoming spring detox program.  Well, I decided to jump out a little early and get started on my commitment to healthier living this summer. After all, who doesn’t want to shave off some extra pounds before the linen pants season?

As expected with any diet or detox program, I am struggling in two areas:

— I’m an admitted foodie! Dealing with the mental challenges of a detox are always more difficult for me than any physical challenges, particularly because I enjoy the experience of dining and the pleasure of eating, and this makes it seemingly difficult to make plans for dining experiences.

— I travel many weekends, and those weekends are not vacations in Ocean City. I’m constantly on the move with my kids, attending sports events all over the country. So preparing, packing and planning meals is extra challenging, particularly when I can’t access a refrigerator or use a microwave or oven.

I started my detox last Monday. Admittedly, I’ve been carrying a few extra pounds from gorging myself on barbecue in Houston, Tex-Mex in Phoenix, and great seafood and Italian cuisine in Providence, R.I., all in the last three weeks.

The first couple days went fairly smoothly, with the introduction of the morning detox shake and the change to my diet that included small, healthy snacks and more fruit.  The first four days went much better than planned. I lost six pounds in that time.

Going into the weekend, I had my food packed and ready to go for my trip to Richmond. Unfortunately, all perfect plans don’t always work out perfectly.  My weekend schedule found me sneaking food at a local Mexican restaurant and drinking coffee (for the first time in a week), for breakfast.

But through it all, I only added back a pound, temporarily stalling my gains but making me understand the importance of discipline — and that getting to my goal means cheating needs to be kept to a minimum.  Going into week two, the daily routine of the work week is helping me to get back on track.  I’ll keep everyone posted on my upcoming progress.

Regardless of why you are thinking of getting started on a spring detox, discover the benefits. Join me and Dr. Beck on Tuesday, May 8, from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. in our office for a free seminar about our first group detox program of the year.

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