Capitol Rehab of Arlington Named “Best Chiropractor” By Readers of Arlington Magazine

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On December 17, 2016
Arlington Magazine's Best of Arlington poll results.

ARLINGTON, VA. DECEMBER 17, 2016 – Capitol Rehab of Arlington has been voted “Best Chiropractor” by the readers of Arlington Magazine in the magazine’s 2017 Best of Arlington poll.

Voting results appear in the January/February 2017 “Best of Arlington” edition of Arlington Magazine out now. The poll was conducted during August and September 2016.

“We appreciate that our patients think highly of us, and make the effort of voting for us in a survey of health care service providers, and we hope it’s a reflection of how much we enjoy caring for and supporting our patients,” said Dr. Bill Booker, founder of Capitol Rehab of Arlington.

“Arlington is a very vibrant and special place full of energetic individuals who live their lives to the fullest. We take great pride in helping our patients get chiropractic and physical therapy treatments that help them lead an active Arlington lifestyle. Having just celebrated our 20th year in business in Arlington, it’s a great honor to mark this milestone with acknowledgement from the community.”

Capitol Rehab of Arlington was recently featured in Arlington Magazine’s “Test of Time” series as a long-standing local business. Starting out in Gold’s Gym in Clarendon in 1996, Capitol Rehab of Arlington employs three chiropractors, three physical therapists, and two certified massage therapists as well as several support staff.

Capitol Rehab of Arlington is a full-service, multidisciplinary chiropractic care and rehabilitation center offering health and wellness counseling, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, and sports performance evaluations.

Capitol Rehab of Arlington’s practitioners specialize in movement patterns and muscular imbalances, and take a whole-body approach to evaluate patients and obtain effective and quick results. Practitioners treat everyone from youth to professional athletes to weekend warriors.

To schedule chiropractic, physical, and massage therapy appointments, please call 703-527-5492.


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